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Notice Regarding Sale of NPH to LPL

I wanted to follow-up on Scott Romine’s announcement that the firm has been sold to LPL.   As we obtain additional insights into how these changes are going to impact you, we will pass that information on.    We are currently in communication with a number of top quality candidates.  Once we have solid information we can have a discussion about whether status quo or alternatives make the most sense going forward.  We believe the dynamics and diversity of our group are an asset for any broker/dealer. 


As your OSJ I will always be mindful of the fact that we are here to:  provide guidance through regulatory changes, support and promote your growth and success within this industry, recommend solutions to any issues that you may encounter, find relationships that provide a balance between oversight and ability to provide ultimate client service because they are our lifeblood.


I appreciate the trust you have in our ability to represent your interests as we navigate the immediate future and find the right path to ensure that you are able to provide the best financial service to your clients.  Together we will do our best to make sure that path is equally rewarding for you as an individual.  Contact me with any questions or feedback.