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St. Petersburg Office

6414 1st Avenue North,

St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Current Appointments

Michael Rees, Advisor Group National Advisory Board

The NAB will provide a valuable source of insight for Advisor Group’s executive team on a broad range of business-critical topics including technology, service and product strategy, with the NAB providing a forum for conveying financial professionals’ insights on strategic and firm-wide topics. 

Tina Boeving, Principal Advisory Council

Securities America understands that supervisory staff are pivotal players in the success of a financial practice. The creation of this Principal Advisory Council provides an opportunity for our principals to offer improvement ideas and feedback on current or proposed processes and initiatives in an effort to provide exceptional service to the entire Securities America family.

Industry Awards

Tina Boeving, Outstanding Principal 2019 Securities America

Since joining SAI in 2017, Tina has consistently ensured her reviews and approvals are in line with current policies and procedures and are completed in a timely fashion. Any follow up or request for additional information from the Home Office Supervision team is met with a quick and thorough response. She is also a consistent resource for her reps and their administrative staff, as she is aware that an informed administrative staff is important to ensure compliance. Every Thursday, she also writes a Thursday Tip, which provides advice on best practices or notifies reps of important Compliance policies, procedures or upcoming items. In 2019, she joined Securities America’s Principal Advisory Council, where she has been both an active participant in discussions and a consistent volunteer in projects.

A Principal demonstrating outstanding qualifications in terms of advisor service, Supervisory abilities, and a collaborative & positive attitude. Nominated by home office employees and voted on by a panel of Securities America employees.: This award recognizes an advisor office or branch office that is current on all compliance requirements, has no major audit deficiencies, and a low number of Surveillance risk items, CRIG findings and Consequence Management. Nominated by home office employees and voted on by a panel of Securities America employees.


David Blaydes, Shining Star 2019 Securities America

David is the president and founder of RPI – Financial Life Planners, which works with individuals going through a job or life transition to provide a plan-based roadmap to help them live their best life with financial stability. David appreciates Securities America’s size and values. “As a broker-dealer, it is large enough to provide all of the services we need to be successful in this industry, along with Midwestern values making it a pleasure to work with,” he said. David’s recommendations to other financial professionals earned him the Shining Star Award for the highest number of qualified financial professionals referred to Securities America.