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Come Retire with Us

Turn Your Practice into a Pension

You're an entrepreneur. You've worked hard to build a solid financial practice and meaningful client relationships. Selling or handing your firm to a successor just doesn't feel quite right. But without a doubt, planning for your succession is the right thing to do, for both you and your clients.

Reap the Rewards of What You've Built
At Bay View Capital Advisory Group, we help advisors plan and prepare for retirement on their own terms -- whether that's on the near horizon or in the distant future. With the power and resources of our OSJ group behind you, you can enjoy:

  • Maximum dollar for your practice, whether you're growing your firm or executing your succession
  • Robust technology, resources, and support to attract and retain clients
  • Partnering and mentoring opportunities with junior advisors
  • Peer networking and knowledge sharing
  • Guaranteed income from 1 to 10+ years, as you retire

We have the tools, resources, and personnel in place to help you explore exactly what type of succession route makes the most sense for you.

We'll also help you develop your contingency plan for emergencies! It's critical that you have data backups, priority contact lists, and a step-by-step plan in place should the unthinkable occur (fire, flood, tornado, power outage, or even your unforeseen illness or an accident that prevents you from working for a while). You can never be TOO prepared!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business for now, and prepare your business for the future.