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Ladenburg Thalmann Robo Advisor

$ymbil: Ladenburg’s Robo Advisor, designed to be a complement to your practice by allowing you to become a solicitor and earn fees.

$ymbil is a dynamic online investment adviser platform that assesses the risk profile of an investor and recommends a risk-appropriate managed Ladenburg Fund. Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (“LTAM”)is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm established in 1982. They have over $2 billion in assets under management and a dedicated staff of professionals with over 100 years of combined investment management experience. To learn more about them, please visit

$ymbil is for all types of investors from novice investors opening their first account to the expert who wants a simple, quick, and easy way to invest. The questionnaire places your client into 1 of 5 portfolios based on the client's age, goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. Everything entered into the $ymbil questionnaire is dynamic which allows an algorithm designed by LTAM to help make the investment decisions. The sign-up process takes less than ten minutes and the minimum investment is only $500.

Benefits to Advisor

  • One time form to be approved as a solicitor for $ymbil
  • Receive a unique URL to link or send to clients
  • 20bps referral fee annually on assets paid quarterly
  • LTAM as RIA takes on the fiduciary responsibility
  • Build relationships with children of top clients
  • Attract millennial generation clients
  • Free up time by transferring smaller clients
  • Create recurring revenue
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Access to clients account information

Benefits to Client

  • Simple investing backed by trusted professionals
  • Actively managed portfolios
  • Automated investments Plan (AIP/PIPs)
  • Easy to use online investor portal
  • Review account performance
  • Utilize digital financial tools
  • Make updates or changes online
  • Small investment to get started

$ymbil Investments

  • Five actively managed mutual funds ranging from conservative to aggressive that LTAM will recommend based on your answers to some risk questions.
  • Allocations differ based on the risk profile and the selected Fund based on the client's profile.
  • Account Types Available:
    • Individual/ Joint/ IRA (Traditional/Roth)
  • These portfolios are LTAM’s new ETF Mutual Fund Portfolios.
  • For more info visit

How $ymbil Works

How $ymbil Works

In a matter of minutes $ymbil recommends a risk appropriate portfolio based on a risk questionnaire, calculated using an proprietary algorithm consisting of four key components:

  1.  Investors age
  2. The goal of the investment
  3. Risk tolerance
  4. Time horizon
Goal Based Investing

Goal Based Investing

$ymbil allows you to create and name a goal for every account you open. Once you have been recommended a portfolio, fine tune your settings to ensure you reach your goals.

Whether adjusting the initial contribution, ongoing contributions or time horizon, their platform will recalculate projections to ensure you get the right mix to increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.

How to become a solicitor to $ymbil

  1. Request a $ymbil Solicitation Agreement by contacting
    • This agreement is the only Paperwork required in the process
  2. Sign and return the solicitation agreement to to begin the approval process

Your unique $ymbil URL

Once you are approved as a solicitor, you will receive your own dedicated URL to $ymbil . This link effectively leads to a version $ymbil that is yours and ensures you get credit for all accounts opened via this link. Which is why you should use this link anywhere you like - on your website, in emails, on social media and more - to drive people to $ymbil.

Advisor Portal

You will be able to track all of the traffic that goes through your URL in your Advisor portal that you will be able to set up once you are approved as a solicitor. In the advisor portal, you will have access to investors who funded their accounts, total AUM of your solicited investors, and other analytics of traffic flowing to your URL.

Client Centered

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