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David Hodgkins Jr.

David Hodgkins Jr.

New Hampshire

David is the founder and managing partner of Echelon Planning Group, a comprehensive financial planning practice with locations throughout northern New England. With nearly 28 years of experience helping families prepare for college and retirement through a comprehensive network of associations, David helps individuals achieve their particular objectives through education and disciplined decision-making processes.

David is also the founder and owner of Echelon College Planning, an educational organization developed to provide parents, students and school administrators a resource to stay in touch with up-to-date information and changes that have occurred in the college financial aid industry. He is a charter member of the National Association of College Advocates, a member of Strategies for College, and a member of SAGE Tuition Rewards, which offers scholarships for college-bound students.

David enjoys spending time with his wife, Sarah, and two children. He is passionate about hockey as a travel hockey parent and also is an avid golfer, boater and Netflix binge-watcher.